Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Break of Dawn…

A couple days of sleepless nights due to a sick toddler…cinematic dreams (did I tell you I dream in vivid technicolor)…almost like watching a reel life movie and then suddenly I wake up…duty calls – cough syrup for the little guy, a glass of water...; and I am left wondering how that dream would have ended. This week is whizzing past at breakneck speed.

I had an amazing lunch from “Curry up Now”…Goat Curry over Rice. It was totally rocking & satisfied the carnivore in me.
I shopped at the Semi-Annual sale of Bath and Body Works today – I am stocked up on my home fragrances, lotions and hand soaps

I baked a chocolate cake filled with Almonds, Raisins, Cranberries and Blueberries. The 2 K’s are still enjoying the cake.
A lot of introspection happening this week about the year that’s gone and the year that is to come…however there is a hope that tonight is a different one and there will be a deep restful sleep with no getting up at the Break of Dawn.

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