Friday, December 24, 2010

New Offices, A Baking Extravaganza & A Christmas Tree…

Is there anything more satisfying than a hot cup of cardamom tea (brewed extra strong) with a toasted English Muffin stuffed with an Omelette made from Egg whites, Red Onions, Jalapeno and Peppercorn Parmesan on a cold, blustery rainy day…I think not. My calls yesterday were scanty and it looks like the entire office is getting into the holiday spirit. We moved into our new offices last week. They are in the heart of Sunnyvale, very swanky and well put together. There was a welcome reception on Tuesday…and it was a good chance to meet old friends and re-acquaint with colleagues while we were stuffing our faces with catered goodies – Mushroom Ragu over silky mashed potatoes, pot stickers, shrimp salad, crostinis, different cuts of cheese and some red meat stuff I didn’t venture near…overall an extremely pleasant experience.

We also got a Christmas Tree (fake kind) for K2. He was so excited; that he kept singing all the Christmas songs – Jingle Bells, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer etc…his Christmas list to Santa includes a Rocket Ship, an elephant with a remote control and a giraffe with a remote control (too many animal toys with remote controls I say…).

K2 and I baked sugar cookies using the TJ’s DIY packet…my arms still ache from all the dough kneading and cookie cutting. We ate a couple of the cookies and honestly they weren’t that great (did I just admit to messing up the DIY sugar cookies :) )…
I was reading the book the “The Giving Tree” to K2…he is at an age where he is not too much into sharing. His BF A was visiting him this week and K2 had to play with any and every toy that A wanted to play with…A’s frustration was palpable and understandable.

The story is about a tree and a little boy who loves to climb onto the tree and rest in its shade. As the boy gets older, the tree gives him anything he wants – apples to sell, branches to build his house, even its own trunk to carve out a boat to sail away to seek his fortunes. After many years, the “boy” comes back, now an old man and the tree despairs that he has nothing left to give him…I do not need much now, just a quiet place to sit and rest,” the man replies. And so the tree, now a mere stump, asks him to sit,” and the tree was happy. The idea that one could give so selflessly and expect nothing in return is baffling and thought provoking.

Sending this over to Priyanka's Blog Asan Khana for the event "It's time to jingle" visit her.

K2 has been sick the past 2 days…so Christmas time for us is a quiet time at home.How are you spending Christmas Eve?

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