Friday, December 31, 2010

And it's a wrap...

In the past two years, I have tried hard not to make any resolutions...I feel intense remorse when those resolutions are broken...Let me give you an example - one of my constant resolutions was - lose weight and of course despite fad diets, complicated yoga poses and beating myself over eating caramel popcorns - the stubborn weighing machine refused to budge an inch...yet the year I stopped making resolutions I saw 15 pounds magically slip away and I fit into my skinny jeans from 14 years back. The important lesson I learnt was letting go...the maxim that a lot of people apply to love actually applies to real life...if you really love/want something, let go; if it was meant to happen for you/or love you back it will definitely come back, if it doesn't...move on with life buddy :-)
Yet with 2010 hours away from vanishing into oblivion, I am taking a couple minutes to reflect on the highlights and low lights -
  • Ill health of loved ones was a constant this it Bapa, Baba, Ma or K2...even K1 has had one too many a viral fevers...he is the strong one in this house and it is very disorienting for me when he falls sick
  • Anomie came and went...a state of inertia that I constantly had to jerk myself out of...questioning the purpose of life and the role I played in it...honestly who has the time for such deep introspection anymore...
  • Lack of patience with K2 - but honestly that kid with his high pitched voice ( say like mother like son...just say it to my face and watch my reaction...don't say I didn't warn you); his utter disregard of authority;his refusal to sleep; his impeccable sense of logic, his trying to wheedle his way thro' hugs and kisses...just gets me every time. I tell myself it is a phase...but patience is a scanty commodity around here
  • A loving family, an understanding husband, an adorable kiddo, Quality Time spent with Family, an interesting career and how can I forget GOOD FOOD...the list of good things go on and on...
Yet, the biggest learning from 2010 is that life is transitional, what is reality one day, no longer exists the next...BUT without hope there is no life. Planning is good but it is important to Let Go where it makes sense ( I am an OBC when it comes to cleanliness...I pride myself on a clean house but that clean house comes at a price, my peace of mind...nope I don't think I can let go of  keeping a clean house...however I do believe that I can (and should let go a little bit).
My game plan for 2011 is -
  1. Work Hard but play harder
  2. Eat Healthy
  3. Spend quality time with K1 and K2 without losing my patience with K2
I don't see these as resolutions rather as a reminder to myself that Life Happens. On the food front, keeping with the healthy theme, I made a killer vegetarian wrap yesterday.

Stuff Needed
Spinach Whole Wheat Wraps (Trader Joes)
Refried Beans ( Canned, Fat Free & Organic Whole Foods)
Organic Spinach
Cabot (Habenaro Cheese Spread)
Tabasco (Habenaro Hot Sauce)
1/2 Red Onion - Finely Chopped
Fresh Chopped Cilantro
Newman's Organic Cilantro Salsa

Warm the  Wrap. Spread the Cheese Spread on the Wrap ( it is not the low fat kind but unimagineably spicy & delicious). One (or two)layers of Spinach Leaves. Spoon on the warmed refried beans (squeeze on some fresh lemon juice if you have it). Layer on the Red Onions and Fresh Cilantro. Spoon the salsa on the Wrap...totally put as much or as little of it as you want.  I lay the salsa on thick...We added a dash of the hot sauce and wrapped it up. We enjoyed these wraps with Terra Chips (Original). Each wrap was roughly 300 calories with 10+grams of dietary fiber.  Took me and K1 about 5 minutes to assemble these wraps....

So guys...I guess this year is a wrap. Here's wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year - lots of good health,  love, laughter and of course good food. Keep visiting me in 2011

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