Thursday, December 9, 2010

She is losing it...

When she gets up at 3 AM…

For five days in a row.

To a cup of tea that tastes like dirt,

And a wooly taste in her mouth…

A feeling that the entire world is out to get her…

She is losing it…yeah she knows she is losing it

Quick get me the mood improvers – Oatmeal, Chocolate, Walnuts…Too late, I just lost it and blew up. This is how it went. K2 got up at 4.00 AM, we dragged on till 5.00 AM and I realized he probably wasn’t going to go back to sleep. I took him downstairs got him his Pediasure and we started playing with his Lego…maybe it was jetlag, or lack of sleep but K2 got frustrated with a Lego piece that he couldn’t complete and dumped it in the garbage. What followed was a major explosion, a sobbing kid and a long time-out. Maybe I overreacted…and then again maybe not? But now there is a cranky toddler in school and a semi-guilty mom trying to focus on work…

How has your week been thus far?


  1. Hi Meenakshi,

    This seems natural both reaction for you and K2 given the sleep. I can assure you that he will forget it during the day as he starts playing with his friends. You need to indulge in your pick you ups and before you get to work. Hope you feel better !

    I am also struggling with sleep most days given my second does not sleep through the night yet :(


  2. Ritu, Thanks for stopping by my little corner. I have been following you on FB...CUTE pictures. I am sure the lil' one will start sleeping through the night soon. We should definitely hook up for lunch soon. Our offices move close to your office next week (Matilda Ave). M