Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Food Sense and a pranic breakfast

My brother hooked me on to the Inner Engineering guru Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev - K1 and I have watched a number of his videos (I re-watched the one on food and quieting the monkey mind). One thing that he had said that has stayed with me is - "The fear is simply because you are not living with life, You are living in your mind." This blog post however is not about fear or the monkey mind but about food....so I will desist from meandering.

Food Sense is listening to your body on what it needs food wise...eating simple and consciously is key to respecting your body and treating it well.  One breakfast habit that we have developed  at home in the past month that we follow religiously  3-4 days in the week is this simple fruity nut porridge that was served as breakfast at an Inner Engineering workshop (my brother generously makes this porridge for us most mornings).

Ingredients (breakfast for 3 adults)
1 handful of Peanut
12-15 Almonds
10 Walnuts
1 big handful of Rolled Oats

Soak all above ingredients overnight. Peel Almonds in the morning (you don't need to peel walnuts and peanuts). Cut 2 medium organic apples, 2 medium or 1 large Banana. Blend in your food processor (in my case magic bullet) with Almond Milk or water to get to the desired porridge like consistency. Add Honey or Jaggery as sweetener if you want it. A satisfying protein filled breakfast is ready for you to consume. Honey is said to have immense positive prana as do the fruits and nuts.

This recipe for a fruity nut porridge goes to Anamika who hosts the blog - Taste Junction for the event "Drive me Nuts". 

As time passes me by I am becoming increasing conscious about the transient nature of life - the key thing I have learnt is to look within for answers. Sadhguru encapsulated it wonderfully below -

The world is trying to do so many things. We’re trying to go to the moon, to Mars, but, fundamentally, I feel the most important thing is human consciousness, the quality of life here. How happy we are here simply depends on how we are within ourselves.

P.S: Picture taken with my Mobile Device - so you know where to direct your compliments and criticisms

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