Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And there goes 2012...

It had its highs :

Another year and Tratak
Full Heart...Empty Mind
The Amrikan from Pune...and three dozen eggs
Seven Steps to a Perfect Day

It had its lows :

The Dirty "C" Word
The Human Pin Cushion
She was but 6
Anamika...the nameless one!

It had its learnings :

Anger Management and Enlightenment on a plate
Seven Habits of highly unhappy people
In the pursuit of happiness
Tentative Parenting : The Story of the Little Yogi
Fairy Tales and the Work Place

I greet 2013 with a lot of hope and anticipation. A one minute clip shared a couple weeks ago by my sister-in-law "A" on Facebook has impacted a lot of what my resolution is for New Year (gasp! yes I did make a resolution)... Here is my offering to you on New Year -
                       Live life in the Present, Live life Unafraid  !!!

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